Indications are that retailers in the UK are facing their biggest challenge in recent times; far more demanding than any previous recession in the UK.

In tough times retail businesses need to make tough decisions and that means relying upon senior managers that are tough enough to execute those decisions. In fact many younger managers will never have experienced such difficult trading conditions.

At Retail Performance Improvement we have a core team of senior managers who have a track record of making and executing these tough decisions and more importantly making money for the shareholders.

The Retail Performance Team is not about traditional consultancy. We understand that there are many excellent Management Consultants in the sector who will analyse the business, identify the key financial drivers and present the board with thoroughly researched proposals to deliver improved profits... but who will implement these proposals?

Resident management teams cannot sufficiently detach themselves from the business to execute the toughest decisions - they are loyal to key people; they have built close and trusting relationships with suppliers; they have their own pet projects.

So how can they think the unthinkable or do the undoable?

The RPI Team members are both sufficiently detached and experienced in the specialist retail roles to be able to support senior managers in their own specialist roles and make sure that the right decisions are reached and carried out and, crucially, in such a way that middle managers are bought in to those decisions.

The experience of the team equips us to undertake management of the commercial functions - Improving sales and margins in buying & merchandising, improving retail operations, and marketing effectiveness, as well as efficiencies of cost savings in logistics. Equally to deal and negotiate with banks, creditors, suppliers and HM Revenue & Customs to maximise the Company's cash position.

Action not advice is our point of difference right up to taking over individual roles and carrying out the responsibilities personally until the plan has been completed.

We have a unique point of view - it's ours today... it could be yours tomorrow.